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A full Home Inspection for Buyers and Sellers includes but is not limited to the inspection of: 

Exterior: grading, coverings, patio/deck sidewalks/driveway, soffit/fascia, doors, windows, walls, gutters and downspouts.


Structure: insulation, foundation, footings, crawlspace, floors, and chimney.


Roofing: structure, coverings, flashing, skylight and vents.


Electrical: grounding, panels, branch circuits, GFCI’s and lighting.


Plumbing: supply, distribution lines, fixtures, flow, vents, traps, drains and water heater.


Heating and Cooling: combustion system, compressor, components, venting, controls and ductwork.


Interior: walls, ceilings, floors, doors, stairs, fireplace and appliances.



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